Glass Sling

Global designed a special polyester lifting sling system that comes with a supportive net, to lift slabs of glass or any material that has a glass type structure. The special net offers support to the cross section of the glass slab and prevents the delicate material from damaging when being lifted. Global glass sling comes in customizable sizes and lifting strengths.


  1. Comes with a supportive net, to prevent damage
  2. Customizable to different sizes and strength
  3. Option to incorporate protective sleeves

Drum Lifting

Drum Lifting is another special type of lifting operation where there is a need to design a system that is a bit different from the traditional endless or polyester eye to eye slings Global drum lifting system consists of 3 components that make drum lifting easy and secure. The oval ring is used as an attachment between the sling and lifter mechanism. If there is a case of vertical lifting, there can be 2-3 single eyed slings stitched to an endless ratchet lashing system that is used to hold the drum while lifting.

Alternatively, if the drum is being lifted horizontally, one end of the sling is connect to a hook to hold the drum. These systems can be customized based on user requirement.

Multi-Leg Slings

This is a very special type of sling where there can 2-4 slings attached together with an oval ring and the other end oft hese slings can have end fittings such as eye hooks, d-shackles or bow shackles. The slings attached can be eye to eye slings or endless slings. The reason for using such a type of sling load balancing is required to lift an object that is heavy and uneven for a lift.


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