Cam buckle like metal fitting that has spikes in it to hold the belt. The tension will be equal to the force that the operator applies. Cam buckle lashing is relatively cost effective compared to Ratchet or velcro and offers sufficient grip to hold cargo in place.

Ratchet Lashing CAM BUCKLE Sizes and Specifications

Product Size Breaking Strength System Strength
25mm(1’) 800kg/1000kg 1600kg/2000kg
35mm(1.37’) 1000kg 2000kg
50mm(2’) 1500kg 3000kg

How to use a cam buckle:

  1. Place the cargo to be secured in the desired location like cargo on pallets or together for unitizing. 
  2. Wrap the endless cam buckle strap around the load that needs holding, looping it around
  3. Press the cam buckle lever and Pull the lashing strap through until it is tight.
  4. Close the cam buckle by pressing down on the lever. The teeth on the cam buckle will lock the strap in place.
  5. To release the strap, pull up on the lever and the teeth will disengage, allowing you to loosen or remove the strap.

Note: Cam buckles are frequently used to secure items during transportation, such as in a truck or on a roof rack. Always ensure that the cam buckle is securely fastened and the strap is tight enough to prevent the item from moving.


Cam buckle is often used as a securing device for various applications. Here are some benefits of using a cam buckle:

Quick and easy to use

Cam buckle can be tightened and released quickly and easily, providing a fast and efficient way to secure and adjust loads.

Lightweight and compact

Cam buckle is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry and store. It takes up less space than most other securing devices while providing similar or better holding power.


Cam buckle is cheaper than most other endless straps and also provides promising security for loads it holds.

Safe and reliable:

Cam buckle is designed to provide a safe and reliable way to hold loads. It is made of high-quality materials that can withstand heavy use and harsh conditions.


Cam buckle can be adjusted to fit different sizes and shapes of loads, providing a secure and tight hold. It can also be easily released and repositioned as needed. Overall, cam buckle is a versatile and efficient securing device that offers several benefits over other securing methods.


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