About us


With Advance technical know-how & Experience in Manufacturing of Lashing & lifting Products for Cargo & Load securing, Global Lashing & lifting solutions have become preferred choice for all your safety needs.

Working closely with manufacturing factories, Customers & suppliers around the globe, We have set up an sate of art Manufacturing facility with Renowned European machinery to produce products of international set standards.

As a leading company in the lashing and lifting industry, we are amongst the top 5 companies, offering the easiest-to-use and widely accepted range of products to meet your demanding needs, such as Polyester lifting belts, Ratchet lashing systems, and Webbing rolls.

All these products are readily available and can be procured within no time. In addition to high performance products, we understand, advice and support to make it a complete customized package.


Our vision is to be the leading provider of premium cargo belts for lashing and lifting, setting the industry standard for safety in transportation. Through continuous innovation and commitment to excellence, we strive to enhance the industry and contribute to the secure and efficient movement of goods worldwide.


Our mission is to offer high-quality cargo belts for lashing and lifting, prioritizing the safety of transported goods. We are dedicated to surpassing customer expectations by delivering top-notch products and services that are characterized by quality, reliability, and affordability.


At Global, our culture is defined by a set of core values that shape our actions and guide us towards success. These core values are the foundation of our organization:

Progress through Transparency & Values

We prioritize transparent communication with our customers, sharing comprehensive details about our products and ensuring trust and accurate information.

Respect for Every Individual

We foster a deep respect for each person, free from biases or preferences. We treat everyone with fairness, ensuring equal respect for all.

Honour Promises Made

We take our commitments seriously and strive to deliver on our promises, irrespective of any challenges that may arise.


To Create Win Win Situation for Better Tomorrow


We prioritize customer safety and quality above all. Our cargo belts are made from high quality materials and undergo rigorous testing for strength, durability, and reliability. To ensure even greater safety, we have a dedicated team to conduct random tests on belts from each batch using our in-house testing machine. This allows us to closely monitor product quality and provide additional assurance to our customers. By investing in advanced manufacturing techniques, we consistently deliver superior-quality products. Our dedication to quality drives us to continuously improve our processes, aiming to provide the best products and services to our valued customers. Our commitment to quality brings satisfaction and peace of mind to every customer.


We're not going for 'acceptable' We're going for 'extraordinary'


Assured durability, safety and quality for reliable performance.


Envision, pioneer innovative solutions, and adapt for industry leadership.


Continuously strive for excellence in everything we do and exceed customer expectations.