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Dunnage bags are structures inflated with pressurized gas to secure cargo in place during transport by filling the voids between the cargo and the walls or floor of the shipping container.

Dunnage bags are made of 3 major components, an inflatable layer, an outer covering and some means to inflate and/or deflate the inner layer. The inflatable layer typically consists of an elastic material like polyethylene and the outer layer can be something made up of a sturdy material which has a bit of inelastic properties.

To use a dunnage bag, simply place it between the cargo and the container's wall or floor and inflate it using a pump or air compressor. The bag will fill the space and create a cushion to prevent the cargo from shifting and bouncing during transport. This is particularly helpful for fragile or delicate items that could be damaged in transit.

Dunnage bags come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit different shipping containers and cargo. They can also be reused as long as they are in good condition. Overall, a dunnage bag is a cost-effective solution for securing cargo

There are 2 kinds of dunnage bags usually used

  1. PP dunnage bag
  2. Paper dunnage bag

PP Dunnage Bag

The inner inflatable layer is made of PET which holds the pressurized air in it and the outer layer is made of polypropylene(PP) which is a woven layer and then the ends are sealed by using a binding strip. 

Paper Dunnage Bags

The inner inflatable layer is made of PET which holds the pressurized air in it and the outer layer is made of multiple layers of Kraft paper and the ends are sealed by using an adhesive. The quality of kraft paper is a major factor that determines the quality and durability of the bags.

How to Choose the Right Dunnage Bags:

Choosing the right Dunnage bags can be challenging, as it depends on several factors. Firstly, consider the cargo type and weight, as this determines the amount of inflation required to secure the load. Secondly, choose the right material and size, ensuring it can handle the weight of the cargo without tearing or puncturing. Thirdly, determine the gaps in the container, ensuring you select a bag that fits snugly. Finally, calculate the amount of inflation required, ensuring that the bag can handle the weight of the cargo and the pressure caused by inflation.


Cost-effective solution

Dunnage bags are a cheaper solution for cargo handling when it comes to filling the gaps in the cargo container 

Enhance safety

Dunnage bags help to prevent goods from shifting during transit, reducing the risk of accidents.

Increase efficiency

Dunnage bags speeds up the loading and unloading process and, minimizing downtime during cargo handling.

Easy to handle

Dunnage bags require minimal effort to install and remove. Eco-friendly -  It is made from recyclable materials, reducing environmental degradation caused by waste.


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